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Establish, connect and grow your business’ audience through telling your story and positioning your brand in a genuine, authentic way.

Social Media


Our social media marketing services will help you inform, engage and connect with your audience on a personalised level but at a global scale.

Social media plans

We can help provide easy-to-execute inhouse social media blue-prints that allow you to have full control over your social media channels. The plans include goals that align directly to the sales and wider business goals and also track the return of the investment given.


Social media strategy

Does your business need clarity or direction in where it’s social media strategy is heading? If so, we can help develop a framework which aligns objectives with well-proven vehicles and channels to ensure they’re met. From here break down the tactics we’ll implement across the channels in an intuitive format.


Social media assets

Keeping social media assets consistent helps grow and position a brand as an audience can understand ‘what your business stands for’. As part of this, we can offer a social media asset kit and guide meaning consistency is implemented, no matter who’s working on your side. 


All inclusive social media campaigns or management

If you simply want a complete solution to your social media marketing then we can handle it all on either a campaign basis or ongoing basis. We’ll keep you posted (literally!), consulted on content and informed on schedules with all the work done by us so you can focus on more important business activities.


Social media audits

We can provide an audit on your current social media activities, along with a competitor analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats along with recommendations and key actions to improve your social media marketing effectiveness.

Problems we solve

ID Marketing is a solutions-based marketing service. We believe in solving your problems, no matter how big or small.

We have expertise with eliminating the following:

Inconsistent social media posting

Inconsistent social media will often do more harm than good, especially if the tone, voice or style is changing.  We’ll help create consistent social media profiles for your business through systems and processes, no matter the size of your marketing team. 

Random acts of social media

Although diverse and varied social media content is an excellent way to keep engagement high, it needs to be paired with split testing to ensure what’s not working is removed and and what is working is promoted. We help determine and identify types of social media content that your audience loves.

Negative impacting presence

We all know of a business that has social media accounts with historical ‘updates’ which leaves you asking more questions than it answers. We either work with you on a revitalisation plan or weigh up whether that channel is relevant. leaving customers with more clarity.

Our process

So what does 'working together look like?' We initially invest a lot of time understanding your business as making assumptions during the initial phase of working together often has implications further down the line.

Once we understand your business thoroughly we provide relevant options to your situation. It may include a mix of 'hands-on' and 'hands-off' solutions depending on your goals. We also consult with you to ensure what we provide aligns with your goals.

From here we create a project timeline and map out key milestones, deadlines, responsibilities, budgets and if necessary who needs to be involved at which part of the project.

Once the green light is given we'll provide updates and communicate on schedule and forum that works for you whether its email, meetings, texts, recorded updates or another means that fit in with you.

We'll do what we'll say we will do and ask for feedback to ensure you're happy with the results.

Sound good?

Resources & templates

See a list of useful resources available below. If you'd like the Google version, just ask us.

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Get started

If you have current marketing challenges, especially in regard to branding or identity then feel free to reach out and schedule a catch up. After a no-obligation catch up and determining where we may be able to help we can see if we're a good fit or not.

Are you ready to reach out yet?


Yes we do. For initial consultations we can catch up over an face-to-face meeting in the Nelson-Tasman region or via a virtual meeting online. 

For current customers and ongoing projects we can often meet travel requirements.

ID Marketing was derived from seeing a need for marketing in small to medium businesses (SMEs). We can help at the level that’s required from fully outsourced marketing department to providing strategy and marketing plans for your team to implement.

In short we’re here for small to medium sized businesses and can work with larger businesses on a case-by-case basis.

Most likely. At the very least we can analyse your current marketing from plan, strategies, tactics and tools and provide some recommendations 

Most likely. We take an ‘outside looking in’ approach which can help identify opportunities or mitigate unforeseen risks. Feel free to schedule a quick chat where we can learn about your business. From there we can suggest the next steps that could with or with out help.

Depending on your needs we can offer both fixed-priced deliverables and roll-over campaign work. Generally this depends on the nature of the work and who is implementing and monitoring the project.

Yes, absolutely. Understanding the buying patterns through the right analytics can help optimise your conversions. This coupled with split testing all aspects of your customer journey will lead to increased sales.

Yes, absolutely. There are huge opportunities in this area and we can help identify and capitalise on these with you.

Yes, absolutely. Often B2B businesses may provide services to other businesses but also market directly to the consumer. We can help with both B2B and B2C communications.

Reach out with any questions, or schedule a free no-obligation chat via our contact page. This will help determine if we’re a good fit for your needs.